Top 5 Pay Per Call Networks

Pay per call network is a program where individuals can earn money by calling people. They have a wide range of options for different levels of users and the rates vary by location. However, when it comes to finding a good one, there are a few things you should consider.

Aragon Ad network

Aragon Ad network is one of the most reputed pay per call networks on the internet. It started in 2012. This network is a leading performer in the industry. They provide top notch support for their clients.

Aragon Advertising is an affiliate marketing company that specializes in Pay Per Call advertising. They work with advertisers to help them increase conversion rates.

They have a large advertiser base. Their focus is on real results. With a strong team of professionals that includes designers, content writers, product managers and developers, they are able to ensure that their clients achieve their goals.

One of the best features of Aragon is their use of a state of the art tracking system. They provide access to real-time, analytics on their affiliates.


If you’re interested in the world of pay per call affiliate marketing, then you’ll be interested in Marketcall. This is a relatively new entrant in the pay per call industry.

Marketcall is a pay per call network that was founded in August 2015. It offers hundreds of niche-based affiliate offers to publishers. They also offer support and analysis to help publishers promote their businesses.

MarketCall is a relatively new PPC network that boasts offices in Kazakhstan, Kyiv, Moscow, and Palo Alto, CA. The company uses multiple ad platforms to help advertisers and publishers get the most from their campaigns.

MarketCall has several advertisers from the US, UK, and Eastern Europe. Their clients include travel, insurance, medicine, home services, and financial services. They are known for making millions of conversions every year.


The Ingenio pay per call network, owned by AT&T, is designed to allow advertisers to take advantage of the popularity of Internet search. The service will provide advertisers with a way to capitalize on the increased popularity of Internet advertising, and the opportunity to drive targeted phone leads to businesses.

When a potential customer makes a request through an interactive marketing campaign to a company that subscribes to the Pay Per Call Advertising Service, the company will receive a call. The customer will then be able to speak to a live person.

Ingenio’s pay per call network, which includes a variety of advertising networks, includes Internet yellow page directories, search engines, free directory assistance services providers and mobile search providers. It is aimed at small-to-medium-sized businesses that are looking to expand their performance-based ad holdings.


Invoca is a cloud-based call tracking platform that helps marketers tie phone calls to customers’ digital journeys. The platform provides real-time call analytics and attribution, allowing users to optimize sales and media spend. Its AI-powered conversation intelligence gives marketers and revenue teams the ability to take action on consumer conversations.

Call tracking is an important part of any performance marketing campaign. Whether you’re running a click-to-call campaign, a retargeting ad, or a social media campaign, the right call tracking software can increase conversions and improve your ROI. For example, eHealth experienced a 60 percent decrease in its cost per click-to-call conversions after implementing the platform.

When used properly, the Invoca call tracking platform can improve the quality of your callers and your ROI. Using its advanced syndication features, the platform can give you access to top-tier brands.

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