Cleaning Service for Toledo OH

Toledo cleaners on Homeaglow are certified, background-checked and ready to make your home shine. Book a cleaner in just a few clicks, with sharper prices than traditional maid services.

Toledo is known for its rich industrial heritage in the glass and automobile industries, as well as for outdoor recreational activities and a vibrant downtown area.


The kitchen is the heart of any home. Toledo cleaners on Homeaglow know this and aren’t satisfied until your kitchen is spotless, sanitary, and looking great.

The house Cleaning Service for Toledo OH includes dusting/sweeping/washing floors and mopping them. They also clean your bathroom and kitchen and can perform special tasks like laundry, oven-cleaning, window cleaning, and fridge cleanouts. Be sure to communicate clearly with your cleaners about what you want them to do. This will help you get the best results.


The bathroom is a breeding ground for germs. If not cleaned regularly, it can lead to clogs that require professional help. The experts at T&J Rooter have the tools and knowledge to handle any clog in your home or business. They’ll use specialized equipment to clean your drains and prevent future problems.

The janitorial services of Optimum Cleaning Solutions cater to offices in Toledo and its surrounding areas. Its team cleans kitchenettes, restocks restroom supplies, and vacuums carpets. They also have experience in sanitizing crime scenes and removing biohazard waste.


Your bedroom is the place where you sleep and relax. Keeping it clean can help you feel at ease and keep your mind clear. Having a clean and organized room can also make it easier to find your things. If you want to have your bedrooms cleaned, it’s important to hire a reliable Toledo house cleaning service professional. When you use Homeaglow, you can browse reviews of all cleaners near you and easily book one directly.

Living rooms

Dust, pet hair, food crumbs, and more are likely to accumulate in your living room on a daily basis. Vacuum the floors, and wipe down furniture and shelves. Take down draperies or curtains to wash and dry, clean light fixtures, and vacuum window sills and corners.

Toledo cleaners offer a wide range of services, including oven cleaning and fridge cleanouts. Ask your cleaner about these extras when booking. They’re ready to meet your needs. Find one near you on Homeaglow today. Then, book quickly and easily online.


The custodial staff at the University of Toledo perform daily cleaning & disinfecting of academic, athletic, and auxiliary buildings over multiple shifts. Their work includes administrative offices, corridors, classrooms, restrooms, and public spaces.

Toledo is a city on the Maumee River and Lake Erie, with a mix of cultural attractions and outdoor recreational opportunities. It is also home to the Toledo Zoo and a system of Metroparks. Toledo’s location makes it a hub for manufacturing and a growing downtown. It is an excellent place to live.

Same day

The house cleaners on Homeaglow are local to Toledo and familiar with its climate. They’re also experienced at cleaning homes and know how your needs change throughout the year.

They’re committed to hygienic surfaces, sparkling bathrooms, and squeaky-clean kitchens. Make sure to communicate your exact cleaning To Do list when booking.

Whether you need a quick tidy or a deep clean, Homeaglow has a big range of cleaners to choose from. Request extras like laundry, oven cleaning, or window washing when you book. Then sit back and relax!

Deep cleaning

During a deep cleaning, your house cleaners do more than simply vacuum, dust, and wipe surfaces. They clean hard-to-reach spots and other areas that are often overlooked. They also sanitize and disinfect areas throughout the home, including stove tops, sinks, and bathtubs.

Deep cleaning is typically done two or three times a year, or more frequently for special reasons. For example, it’s a good idea to deep clean before hosting a party. It’s also important to deep clean before moving out of an apartment or condo.

Moving in

The Toledo cleaners on Homeaglow are local and familiar with the city, its climate, and seasonal cleaning needs. Clients have rated them highly for their knowledge, experience, communication, and work ethic.

Move into your new home with a sparkling clean living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Request extras like oven-cleaning and window cleaning when you book your cleaner.

Save time and money by booking on Homeaglow. Choose from a big range of house cleaners who are all background-checked and ready to work for you. Easily rebook your favorite cleaner or try another.

Moving out

If you’re moving out of your home, a Toledo cleaning service can help with the move. They can clean the carpets, scrub the kitchen, and more. When booking a Toledo cleaner, be clear about what you want them to do. For example, asking for a general cleaning may not be enough to communicate that you need them to remove some stains.

The cleaners on Homeaglow are local to Toledo, and familiar with its climate and seasonal cleaning needs. They’re also vetted and background-checked. They compete for your business, so they’re focused on your satisfaction and offer sharper prices.


In Toledo, almost half of the city’s residents rent their homes. The city’s apartment communities range from traditional townhouse-style rental homes to larger apartments in high-rise buildings.

Downtown Toledo apartments offer convenient access to restaurants, bars and grocery shopping. You can also catch a Toledo Mud Hens game at Fifth Third Field, or visit the Toledo Speedway for a day of car racing.